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Biorhytm for 2024-07-22


Emotional: 0% (28 days)  
Intellectual: 0% (33 days)  
Physical: 0% (23 days)  
Intuition: 0% (38 days)  

Information about biorhythms:
Biorhythms is a 19th century theory claiming that there are three biological rhythms influencing human behavior and performance: physical, emotional, and intellectual. Later theories supplemented it with other biorhythms like intellectual or spiritual. The theory is not proven by research but many people find tracking their biorhythms helpful for planning some of their activities.

Physical biorhythm has a 23-day cycle and is associated with physical health, endurance, coordination and well-being.
Positive phase (above zero): high energy levels, strength, stamina and illness resistance.
Negative phase (below zero) or Critical days (equal to zero): low energy levels, weakness and being prone to disease.
If you are feeling tired or in lowest phase, it might be better to take a break from your workout or switch to low-impact activities. But when you are feeling strong or are in positive phase, you may choose to push yourself harder.

Emotional biorhythm has a 28-day cycle and is associated with mood, creativity, sensitivity and perception.
Positive phase: feeling good emotionally, being creative, feeling in touch with one's emotions.
Negative phase or Critical days: feeling worse emotionally, being moody, irritable and less creative.

Intellectual biorhythm has a 33-day cycle and is associated with mental acuity, concentration, analytical functioning and memory.
Positive phase: feeling best intellectually, being more mentally sharp and focused.
Negative phase or Critical days: feeling least intellectually sharp, having trouble concentrating or making decisions.

Intuition biorhythm has a 38-day cycle and is associated with gut feelings, hunches and ability to make quick and right decisions.

It is also worth remembering that biorhythms are just one of many factors affecting one's well-being and not all people find it helpful!

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1. Calculations listed above should not be the only consideration in decision making. Life is much more complicated than these charts.
2. What is metaphysics today, will be physics tomorrow. Every science holds some truth, while being erratic to some extent.
3. Even if a day seems auspicious / inauspicious, its results may be different depending on what we do and how we act. Bad luck teaches us, good luck makes us lazy.
4. Free will overcomes destiny. Forgetting about it is comfortable, so we're used to do it. This is the danger of destiny science.
5. We shouldn't expect that divination system will tell us the truth about our future, as the future is becoming a history that - based on what is given to us - we write ourselves. Destiny is possibility, history is what we make of it.

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