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BaZi Calculator Partners




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Feng Shui Academy, Wrocław, Poland

Feng Shui Academy in Wrocław, founded in 1996, with talented teachers such as Zbigniew Królicki (Feng Shui, Silva method), Krzysztof Maćko (I Cing), Bogusław Białko (Ba Zi), Krystyna Królicka (Reiki) and over 20 years teaching experience. Wonderful place to study Chinese metaphysics.

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In Polish:

Akademia Feng Shui we Wrocławiu, założona w 1996 roku, z tak utalentowanymi nauczycielami jak Zbigniew Królicki (Feng Shui, metoda Silvy), Krzysztof Maćko (I Cing), Bogusław Białko (Ba Zi), Krystyna Królicka (Reiki) i ponad dwudziestoletnim doświadczeniu w nauczaniu. Wspaniałe miejsce do studiowania metafizyki chińskiej.

Więcej informacji


Arkadiusz Paniuticz « RapaNui », Poznan, Poland, traditional Ba Zi teacher


I have been dealing with classic traditional Feng Shui and Ba Zi since 2003.

In 2008 I received the FSRC Pracitioner title at FSRC in Canada (Master Joseph Yu). Starting from 2010, I taught Flying Star Feng Shui and Four Pillars of Destiny, at the Feng Shui Academy in Wroclaw and other in other places. I have studied the teachings of Masters Howard Choy, Heluo, Ken Lai and Joseph Yu.

For years I have participated in online forums and Yahoo groups as "RapaNui", I was moderating two well known forums in Singapore. This way I came across online courses of Far East masters who do not give participation diplomas, but compensate for this with the enormity of knowledge.

I offer BaZi and Feng Shui consultations in Polish. In Feng Shui expertise I use the school of Compass (Ba Zhai) and the school of Flying Star (Xuan Kong Feng Shui), I also use Da Gua date selection and the technique of the Water Dragon.

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In Polish:

Zajmuję się klasycznym tradycyjnym Feng Shui i chińską astrologią Ba Zi od roku 2003.

W roku 2008 uzyskałem w FSRC w Kanadzie (Mistrz Joseph Yu) tytuł FSRC Pracitioner. Począwszy od roku 2010 prowadziłem kursy z zakresu Feng Shui Wędrujacej Gwiazdy i Czterech Filarów Przeznaczenia w Akademii FS we Wrocławiu. Poznawałem nauki Mistrzów Howarda Choya, Heluo, Ken Laja i Josepha Yu.

Od lat uczestniczę w międzynarodowych forach internetowych i grupach Yahoo jako "RapaNui", pełnię funkcje moderatora na dwóch internetowych forach w Singapurze, światowym centrum wiedzy Feng Shui. Tą drogą trafiłem na kursy on-line mistrzów dalekowschodnich, którzy nie dają dyplomów uczestnictwa, ale rekompensują to ogromem przekazywanej wiedzy.

Oferuję konsultacje BaZi i Feng Shui w języku polskim Poznaniu i w okolicach. W ekspertyzach Feng Shui stosuję szkołę Kompasu (Ba Zhai) i szkołę Wędrującej Gwiazdy (Xuan Kong Feng Shui), dobór korzystnych dat Da Gua oraz techniki Wodnego Smoka.

Więcej informacji


JLim, Indonesia / The Netherlands, Mang Pai Ba Zi teacher


JLim (Darma or 林文友) is a Bazi (Four Pillars) teacher & consultant and Liu Yao (Six Lines) consultant based in The Hague, the Netherlands. He is an Indonesian-born Chinese who relocated from his hometown Jakarta (Indonesia) in 2019.

JLim has been teaching Bazi since 2014, and actively spreading Mangpai Bazi across the continents through his own online school. He provides online Bazi and Liu Yao consultancy in English and Indonesian. Liu Yao (六爻) is the most popular divination method in China & Taiwan that provides answers to life’s questions.

After years of studies in traditional (Zi Ping style) Bazi with different masters around the world, he furthered his studies into the wondrous Mangpai Bazi (Blindman School) under the expert tutelage of Mangpai Master 乘马班如 (chéng mǎ bān rú) from China. For Liu Yao, he felt privileged to be a private disciple of Liu Yao Master 寶生琉璃 (bǎo shēng liúli) from Taiwan.

JLim had been a global moderator of the fivearts forum since 2008, a very popular English language forum for practitioners and learners of Chinese Metaphysics around the globe. Since 2017 he started his own forum This also serves as the platform for his online school and consultancy.





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Irina Grit, Russia, Russian translation (2014)



Chartered Financier, MBA.

Researcher of ancient astrology systems: Systems of magicians, Сlassical and Western astrology and Chinese Metaphysics: Bazi, Qi Men, Zi Wei Dou Shu.

Studying various astrological systems of different countries: Arabic, German, Indian, I came to the study of Chinese Philosophy, part of which is ancient Chinese numerology, which is called in modern society Chinese metaphysics, the basis of which is Bazi system.

In 2016, my first book on the System of Symbolic Stars was published in Russian. If you find yourself fluent in English, I will be glad of your help in translating it.

More information: On the site you can get acquainted with my books.


Jean-Marie Lequin, Valencia, Spain, French and Spanish translations (2015)

Jean Marie

Build your change using traditional Chinese arts and coaching.

Consult to understand yourself, act conscientiously and make inspired decisions.

Online consultations in French and Spanish

More information:


In French:

Construire votre changement en utilisant les arts traditionnels chinois et le coaching.

Consulter pour se comprendre, agir en conscience et prendre des décisions inspirées.

Consultations Online.



In Spanish:

Construir nuestro camino gracias a la asociación del coaching y de las artes tradicionales chinas.

Consultar para comprenderse a sí mismo para actuar en consciencia y tomar las decisiones adecuadas.

Online consultas.



Master Serge Augier « Urban Daoist », Paris, France, French translation (2015)


Heir of the Daoist Tradition Ba Men Da Xuan

Master Serge Augier is the heir and guardian of the Ba Men Da Xuan tradition (6th century), and has been practicing since childhood. He teaches and trains the five arts of his school:

He teaches in Paris and around the world (via distant learning and/or local instructors on four continents). More info:

He also consults in traditional Qi Men Dun Jia, Ba Zi, Feng Shui and Yijing. More info:


In French:

Héritier de la Tradition Taoïste Ba Men Da Xuan

Maitre Serge Augier est l’héritier et le gardien de la tradition Ba Men Da Xuan (6ème siècle), qu’il pratique depuis l’enfance. Il enseigne et pratique les 5 arts de son école:

  • MONTAGNE : Cultivation des Qualités Humaines (Corps - Souffle - Esprit)
  • DESTINE : La Science de la Destinée (Bazi, Zi Wei Du Shou)
  • DIVINATION : L’Etude des Changements du Monde (Yi Jing, Qi Men Dun Jia)
  • OBSERVATION : L’art des Formes (Feng Shui et Morphopsychologie)
  • MEDECINE : Médecine Taoïste et Médecine Traditionnelle Chinoise

Il enseigne à Paris et partout dans le monde (par enseignement à distance et/ou instructeurs locaux présents sur 4 continents) Plus d’informations :

Il propose également des consultations en Qi Men Dun Jia, Feng Shui traditionel, Ba Zi et Yijing. Plus d’informations :


Angela Nowicki, German translation (2015)



Literary translator by trade, she was engaging for many years in astrology of all kinds of schools and traditions, including the Munich Rhythm Method by Wolfgang Döbereiner, Jyotish and Bazi Suanming. Her knowledge of the latter was gained mainly from Manfred Kubny's books.

Three years ago, she began to proceed from theoretical to more practical fields of interest. It came with the discovery of artistic hand embroidery, which she now feels is her calling and passion. Having learned it almost from scratch, today she creates own designs, writes instructions and began to specialise in architectural embroidery.

More information:


In German:

Die Literaturübersetzerin hat sich viele Jahre lang intensiv mit allen möglichen Schulen und Traditionen der Astrologie beschäftigt, wie der Münchner Rhythmenlehre, aber auch der indischen Astrologie (Jyotish) und dem chinesischen Bazi Suanming. Letzteres erlernte sie hauptsächlich aus den Büchern von Manfred Kubny.

Vor drei Jahren hat sie die theoretischen zugunsten wesentlich praktischerer Interessen aufgegeben, als sie die künstlerische Handstickerei als ihre Berufung und Leidenschaft entdeckte. Nach einer gründlichen Ausbildung in den Grundlagen entwirft sie heute eigene Bilder, schreibt Stickanleitungen und hat begonnen, sich auf die Stickerei architektonischer Motive zu spezialisieren.


JLim, Chinese translation (2016)

See Teachers section for more information.


Stefano Vettori, Italian translation (2016)

Associazione Kan Yu

Ba Zi and Feng Shui courses and consultations in Italy.

More information:


Simon Hornyánszky, Miskolc, Hungary, Hungarian translation (2017)


Since 2017, I have a recurring online BaZi course mostly based on traditional sources, classical literature (Di Tian Sui, San Ming Tong Hui, Zi Ping Zhen Quan Ping Zhu), and also modern applications (BaZi in business, BaZi in leadership, BaZi as a tool for arousing motivation, career selection, synastry etc.). Both based on and explained by real examples and fundamental principles of BaZi, not mere applications, nor just theories. The course is 2-year long, altogether 1200 pages of written text, also with many hours of video and voice records. There are monthly discussions of the material and live meetings in every semester (6-months). It is currently available only in Hungarian, but some day I will possibly step further towards English language speakers.

I regularly do BaZi and Feng Shui assessments, usually together with QiMen as one holistic approach. This can also be performed in English, so if you are interested in my readings (online), please write me an email - see my contact info on the top of my webpage, linked below.

More about me, my teachers and my professional background:


In Hungarian:

2017 óta vezetek online Négypilléres Sorsfejtés (BaZi) tanfolyamot klasszikus kínai sorsfejtési szakirodalomból (Di Tian Sui, San Ming Tong Hui, Zi Ping Zhen Quan Ping Zhu) merítve, hagyományos alapelvekre építve. Emellett sor kerül a mai, modern alkalmazásokra is (üzleti alkalmazások, vezetéselméleti összefüggések a képletben, ösztönző hajtóerők feltérképezése, pályaválasztás, képletösszevetés/szinasztria stb.). Ezek nem pusztán elméletek vagy magyarázat nélküli gyakorlatok, a módszer alapelvei és valós példák mentén támasztom alá őket. A képzés két éves, összesen mintegy 1200 oldalnyi írott anyaghoz, számos órányi videó- és hanganyaghoz kapnak hozzáférést a tanulók, mindemellett havonta csoportos beszélgetések, félévente pedig élő személyes találkozók vannak.

A tanítás mellett egységes egészként alkalmazom a Bazi, FengShui és QiMen módszereket tanácsadásaim során. Keress bátran a honlapomon található elérhetőségeimen.

További részletek rólam, tanáraimról és szakmai hátteremről:


Kim An, Hanoi, Vietnam / Rome, Italy, Vietnamese translation (2017)

Kim An

My name is Kim An. Thanks to tradition of my parents, Masters Thìn Mỹ who gave Bazi readings, Zi Wei Dou Shu readings and Fengshui services for many years since 1990, in Cầu Gỗ Street in Hanoi, Vietnam, I inherited their precious experience, also theirs notes and many old books of metafysics.

I have given Bazi readings and Fengshui services for years to many customers not only in Vietnam, but also around the world, in United Kingdom, France, Italy, Germany, Sweden, USA, Canada, Australia…

Most of my clients are word of mouth thanks to high quality of my precise and devoted services. The purpose of my service is to help people to know about their destiny use and all the methods to improve their life immediately and efficiently.

Please visite my website (FB: NguyenLanKimAn) to know all about my services or to get basic knowledge about Bazi and Fengshui (currently only in Vietnamese). You can contact me in Vietnamese, English, French and Italian.

I'm honoured to be invited by Voytek, the author of Bazi-calculator, to collaborate in Vietnamese translation of his website which has more than 10 languages and hunderds of thousands visits monthly and I thank him for that.

Thank you for attention and see you soon!


In Vietnamese:

Tôi là Kim An. Tôi được may mắn kế thừa truyền thống xem Tứ trụ, Tử vi và Phong Thủy từ bố mẹ tôi, ông Thìn và bà Mỹ, từng cung cấp dịch vụ cách đây hơn 30 năm ở phố Cầu Gỗ, ngay giữa khu phố cổ Thủ đô Hà Nội, Việt Nam, cũng như được thừa hưởng những kinh nghiệm, sách vở, ghi chép vô cùng quý báu của bố mẹ.

Nhận thấy khả năng mình có thể kế thừa rất tốt, tôi đã hành nghề xem Tứ trụ và Phong Thủy nhiều năm và được sự ủng hộ của rất nhiều khách hàng không chỉ ở Việt Nam còn ở các nước trên thế giới như Anh, Pháp, Ý, Đức, Thụy Điển, Mỹ, Canada, Úc...

Lượng khách tăng lên không ngừng cũng nhờ sự truyền miệng của khách hàng về chất lượng tư vấn Tứ trụ và Phong Thủy của tôi hết sức chi tiết và tận tình.   Mục đích dịch vụ của tôi là giúp khách hàng biết rõ số phận của mình và các phương pháp Cải tạo Vận Mệnh bằng Tứ trụ và Phong Thủy nhằm đón cát tránh hung một cách tức thời và hiệu quả.

Hãy ghé thăm website của tôi (FB: NguyenLanKimAn) để được biết đầy đủ mọi dịch vụ tôi cung cấp hoặc chỉ đơn giản để tìm hiểu về các bộ môn Tứ trụ và Phong Thủy!

Tôi hãnh diện được anh Voytek, tác giả người Ba Lan của website, mời cộng tác xây dựng phần tiếng Việt công trình Lập lá số Tứ trụ có hơn 10 ngôn ngữ khác nhau và lượng truy cập khổng lồ 160.000 lượt hàng tháng và xin cảm ơn anh về điều này!

Xin chân thành cảm ơn và hẹn gặp lại!


Radu Timis, Romanian translation (2019)

More information:



Special Clients & Helpful people

Sean Chan, Singapore


An old soul trapped in a young man’s body, Sean Chan is a self-taught practitioner and thought-leader in his field who found his affinity with Chinese metaphysics through the classical texts of feudal China.

One of the leading Chinese metaphysics practitioners in Southeast Asia, Sean serves a global clientele and has dedicated himself to helping his clients lead better lives using Chinese astrology and feng shui. He specialized in BaZi, Zi Wei Dou Shu, Qi Men Dun Jia, and Feng Shui. Sean addresses modern-day misconceptions and malpractices on his blog and hopes to restore Chinese metaphysics to its former glory, so that one day, everyone can benefit from it the way the Chinese sages intended.

Services Provided: 1) BaZi 2) Zi Wei Dou Shu 3) Qi Men Dun Jia Divination 4) Feng Shui 5) Date Selection 6) Name Selection



Ognyan Vasilev « Ogi », Bulgaria


Profession: Quality Director Europe in Integrated Micro-Electronics, Inc. (one of the big electronics assembly corporations with headquarters in the Philippines), LinkedIn profile:

Experience: Qi Gong, Tai Ji and Martial Arts (Shotokan Karate and Shaolin Long Fist) since 1982; BaZi and Yi Jing since 1992 (including Wen Wang Gua and Mei Hua Yi Shu), Zi Wei Dou Shu since 2010 (both San He and Si Hua methods).

Qi Gong school: Jing Dao Traditional Daoist arts under Master Zhongxian Wu since 2012.

Special thanks to people whom I learned a lot from: Master Yang Zwing Ming, Annie Pecheva, Harmen Mesker, Zy Tan.

Participated in development of Chinese Metaphysics software presented at:




Website Founder

Wojciech Jach « Voytek », Wrocław, Poland


I have been passionate about Ba Zi since 2008. I got the basic knowledge of this subject at Feng Shui Academy in Wrocław, Poland. In 2010 I took up more intensive study with Arkadiusz Paniuticz « RapaNui », who gave me a lot of his knowledge about Ba Zi, gained from masters such as Joseph Yu, Ken Lai, and Heluo. I am grateful to RapaNui for his constant willingness to share knowledge and for invaluable information.

I am currently studying the fascinating Mang Pai Ba Zi school with Master JLim (see above for more information).

In 2014, I created the, because I needed a really convenient and accurate tool to perform Ba Zi calculations. The website turned out to be a success, currently it is translated into 12 languages, is visited by tens of thousands of users per month, with hundreds of thousands of pageviews.

I am also passionate about Chinese medicine and I try to combine knowledge of Ba Zi and traditional Chinese medicine at my courses which I run in Wrocław (in Polish).

I work as software developer in small company in Wrocław, where I develop my programming skills. By education I am philospher, I have studied philosophy in Wrocław University. is the fruit of combination of my two passions: programming and metaphysics.

Thank you to all my teachers, translators and helpful people for participating in the creation of the Ba Zi calculator.


In Polish:

Pasjonuję się Ba Zi od 2008 roku. Pierwsze informacje na ten temat zdobyłem w Akademii Feng Shui we Wrocławiu. W 2010 roku podjąłem bardziej intensywną naukę u Arkadiusza Paniuticza, który przekazał mi ogrom swojej wiedzy na temat Ba Zi, zdobytej u mistrzów takich jak Joseph Yu, Ken Lai, Heluo. Jestem wdzięczny Arkadiuszowi za jego nieustanną chęć dzielenia się wiedzą oraz bezcenne informacje.

W 2014 roku założyłem stronę, ponieważ potrzebowałem naprawdę wygodnego i dokładnego narzędzia do wykonywania obliczeń Ba Zi. Storna okazała się sukcesem, obecnie jest przetłumaczona na kilkanaście języków, jest odwiedzana przez dziesiątki tysięcy użytkowników miesięcznie, z setkoma tysiącami odsłon.

Obecnie studiuję szkołę Mang Pai Ba Zi, której uczę od JLima (więcej informacji powyżej).

Pasjonuję się również medycyną chińską i na swoich kursach, które prowadzę we Wrocławiu, staram się łączyć wiedzę z Ba Zi i tradycyjnej medycyny chińskiej.

Pracuję jako programista w małej firmie we Wrocławiu, gdzie rozwijam swoje umiejętności programowania. Z wykształcenia jestem filozofem, studiowałem filozofię na Uniwersytecie Wrocławskim. Strona jest owocem połączenia moich dwóch pasji: programowania i metafizyki.

Dziękuję wszystkim moim nauczycielom, tłumaczom oraz pomocnych ludziom za współudział w tworzeniu kalkulatora Ba Zi.



bazi calculator partners