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BaZi Calculator by Voytek. Precise calculations of BaZi charts.
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Premium functions (Silver account):

Save to My Charts Save chart to "My Charts". Charts are saved on our server and are accesible from any computer, device, browser...
While charts saved to cookie file (a non-paid option) are only available from one device/browser and can be lost when cookie files get deleted.
Organize saved Charts Organize "My Charts" into different categories (family, friends, celebrities etc), edit their names, remove old ones, add any number of new charts.
Download as PDF Download the Chart as a printable PDF file. Print will work on any computer or screen resoltution, as the chart is saved as PDF file.
Regular print options may be difficult to set on some devices, PDF is easier to print (up to 100 PDFs monthly allowance).
More symbolic stars Get extended list of symbolic stars that can be derived from the chart. Stars marked with (*) are only used by some masters.
Get also extended list of branch interactions.
Stars descriptions Get short descriptions of more than 30 symbolic stars (available as links under the chart).
100 years Show a full list of one hundred years, beginning with the birth year. All interactions between the chart and subsequent years are also shown.
Energy flow See the energy flow between elements of the birth chart (graphical representation).
Improved dates input Use handy calendar button to input dates.
Famous charts search Search for 10000's of celebrities' charts using handy search tool.
Search by pillars Search celebrities by a specific set of four pillars. Also get a link from the calculator to famous charts with exactly the same set of four pillars. Finding a celebrity's chart that is similar to yours makes it easier to analyse your chart.
Special search Search celebrities with a specific symbolic stars like: The Three Marvel (San Qi), Commander Nobleman (Kui Gang).
Search celebrities with a given chart type like: follow wealth, solo strength, transformation types etc.
Day change at 23:00 Some BaZi schools think that new day begins at 23:00 instead of 0:00. This option changes the calculations for people born at Rat hour.
DHHS Get Dominant Hidden Heavenly Stems calculations.
More Qi phases Get calculations for the Qi phases of Dominant Hidden Heavenly Stems and pillar Qi phases.
Get also strength of all Qi phases and evaluate pillars strength more easily ("+" is strong, "·" is average, "-" is weak).
Compact view Get more comfortable view to analyze annual and 10-year luck periods - hide month, day and hour pillars ("Compact view" option).
Easily switch to next/prev luck periods.
Get timezone Automatically get Timezone and Daylight Saving Time information for any location in the world.
NaYin names Get names of NaYin melodic elements. NaYin names are used by some masters to get more information about charts.
More views Get day, month, year, 10 years views that make it easier to analyse adjacent dates. Useful also in date selection.
New features Get any new features that appear in BaZi calculator first!
No ads See no ads on
No limits No daily access limits per IP address on
BaZi Games Learn some BaZi basic concepts by playing BaZi Games!
QMDJ Get Qi Men Dun Jia Calculator full access.

Extended Premium functions (Gold account):

Basic Premium Get all the functions from Basic Premium account.
Date selection - XKDG Get Xuan Kong Da Gua (date selection) calculator. You can see a demo of day view here: XKDG.
XKDG calculator also shows information from Tong Shu.
Tong Shu Tong Shu including flying star, san sha, sui po, 28 constellations, 12 officers, hexagrams and more.
You can see a demo here: Tong Shu.
Life Palace Get additional palace: Life Palace.
This pillar is included on interactions list, but not included on DM strength charts.
Conception Palace Get additional palace: Conception Palace.
This pillar is included on interactions list, but not included on DM strength charts.
MangPai Mode MangPai School Mode is recommended for MangPai users only.
More information can be found here: MangPai.
Geolocation tool Improved geolocation lookup tool with cities autocomplete as well as location preview on a map (for results verification).
My Charts autocomplete In the premium version, you can save any chart to My charts database. Then start typing its name in "Birth chart" field to automatically complete all the details.

Save time with BaZi Calculator.
With BaZi Calculator you can recall much information instantly, not to mention counting the chart precisely!

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