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2024-04-16 10:56, GMT+1, 17°. Korekta minut: 8.16 (Długość geogr.: 8 + : 0.16); RST=11:04
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Chart Metrics

ChaiBu Cycle: Yang 4
ZhiRun Cycle: Yang 5
Yuan: 1
Lead Stem: 6. Ji (Yin Earth)
Lead Door: 6. Kāi (Opening )
Lead Star: 6. Xīn (Heart )
Auspiciousness: - generally auspicious
- generally inauspicious   - contextual
- strenghtening   - weakening door/star
Ø - Pusty konar   - gw. podróży
 7. Geng
Yang Metal  (Day) 
 6. Jiǔ tiān
 2. Yi
Yin Wood
 7. Zhù
 4. Xun
Chen, Si 
 6. Ji
Yin Earth ()
 1. Zhí Fú
 9. Ren
Yang Water
 6. Xīn
 9. Li
 7. Jīng
 10. Gui
Yin Water
 8. Téng shé
 4. Ding
Yin Fire
 1. Péng
 2. Kun
 6. Kāi
Wei, ShenØ 
 4. Ding
Yin Fire
 7. Jiǔ Dì
 3. Bing
Yang Fire
 2. Ruì
 3. Zhen
 9. Jǐng
 5. Wu
Yang Earth
 5. Wu
Yang Earth
 8. Xin
Yin Metal
 3. Tài yīn
Great Yin
 7. Geng
Yang Metal
 8. Rèn
 7. Dui
 1. Xiū
 9. Ren
Yang Water  (Hour) 
 2. Zhū què
Red bird
 8. Xin
Yin Metal
 9. Yīng
 8. Gen
Chou, Yin 
 2. Yi
Yin Wood
 9. Gōu chén
 10. Gui
Yin Water
 1. Kan
 3. Shāng
 3. Bing
Yang Fire
 4. Liù hé
 6. Ji
Yin Earth
 3. Chōng
 6. Qian
 8. Shēng
Xu, Hai 

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Opcje wykresu  

Below you can find some descriptions of doors, stars and dieties useful during qi men dun jia chart interpretation.

Opening Door is a door for starting and supporting a business or business-related activity. It is related to Qian which represents Heaven, father, strong Yang, head, emperor and leader.
Related symbols: new beginnings, creating new things, overcoming obstacles, new opportunities, smooth progress.
Good for: opening a new business, opening ceremony, marriage, building a new home, traveling, religious activities, changing home, starting a new job or getting a promotion.
Bad for: civil matters and obtaining private and secret information about someone.

Resting Door is the door of replenishing resources. Related to Kan trigram, which represents Water, a young man, winter. This is a time when energy prepares for rebirth.
Related symbols: rest, taking care of relationships, activities promoting rest and relaxation, activities that come easily and without effort, nobility, helpful people.
Great for: meetings with helpful people, discussions, solving legal problems outside of court, peace negotiations ending with an agreement, marriage, relaxing entertainment, traveling, time for yourself to rejuvenate your body, mind and soul, ensuring the smooth running of operations and affairs, wealth development, home renovation, moving, scientific and research activities.
Bad for: initiating lawsuit.

Growing Door is a Door of great majesty. Related to Gen which represents the mountain and boys. After the spring equinox, everything comes alive again and the Yang spirit gradually increases. The Earth becomes the Gate of Life to the new.
Related symbols: growth, the flowering of abundance in all aspects of life, the source of multiplying wealth, profits, progress and taking life to a higher level.
Best for: investments, all finance related matters, jobs, constructions, marriage.
Bad for: funerals.

Harming Door is connected with Zhen Palace, representing the eldest son, thunder and movement that is excessive and perhaps leads to pain.
Related symbols: failures and obstacles, damages, unfortunate incidents in life, hunting, gambling.
Good for: collecting debts or monies owed, initiating lawsuits against others, hunting, fishing, seeking revenge, stopping thieves and criminals, confronting opponents, sometimes gambling.
Bad for: marriage, traveling, renovating and moving, starting new things, starting a business, constructions, changing jobs and career advancement.

Hiding Door is related to the Xun Palace. Xun represents the southeast, wood and wind, the eldest sister.
Related symbols: mysterious, unexpected events in life, obstacles and difficulties, lack of opportunities.
Good for: collecting debts and financial liabilities, tracking others, apprehending thieves and criminals, setting traps and seeking revenge, sending or delivering confidential documents, hiding and avoiding enemies, organizing secret meetings and trysts, avoiding negative publicity in the media, also hunting.
Bad for: general affairs, traveling, gatherings with loved ones and family, wealth-related activities.

Showing Door is like a liaison officer. This house's origins goes back to Li Palace (South) and belongs to Fire. It represents Summer and the middle girl.
Related symbols: honor and fame, attractiveness, revealing things and affairs, outstanding achievements, appearance.
Good for: socializing, exams, job interviews, sales, elections, attention seeking, public speaking, presentations, management and archiving, filing complaints and requests, increasing popularity.
Bad for: general matters, traveling, matters related to finances.

Dying Door comes from the southwest, where Kun resides. This is where punishments and sentences. This door belongs to Earth element. Kun represents mother, warehouse, darkness, concealment and death.
Everything has a beginning and an end, so this is the place where the journey ends.
Related symbols: inactivity, aging, death, negative or stagnant energies, delays, interruptions in activities.
Good for: funerals, matters related to death, honoring ancestors, religious and spiritual activities, administering punishment.
Bad for: matters related to finances, matters related to improving health.

Frightening Door involves surprise and damage. Connected to Dui Palace which is located in the West and belongs to the Metal element.
Dui represents the lake, autumn, scarcity, metal, young women.
Doors represent: shock, pain, quarrel, lawsuit, fear and anger, stress, doubt, restless mind, anxiety, suspicion.
Good for: issuing warnings, threats, arresting criminals, declaring war.
Bad for: matters related to finances, matters related to improving health.

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Specjalne podziękowania dla RapaNui za wiedzę i pomoc

Nota od autora

1. Wyliczenia podane powyżej nie powinny być jedynym czynnkiem uwzględnianym przy podejmowaniu decyzji. Życie jest o wiele bardziej skomplikowane niż powyższe wykresy.
2. Co dziś jest metafizyką, jutro będzie fizyką. Każda nauka jest w posiadaniu jakichś prawd, będąc zarazem niepozbawiona pewnych błędów.
3. Nawet jeżeli dzień wygląda na korzystny / niekorzystny, jego ostateczny wynik może być różny zależnie od tego, jak będziemy działać i co tego dnia zrobimy. Zły los nas kształci, szczęście rozleniwia.
4. Nie powinniśmy oczekiwać, że system dywinacji powie nam prawdę o naszej przyszłości, gdyż przyszłość staje się historią, którą - mając dane pewne okoliczności - to my piszemy. Przeznaczenie to prawdopodobieństwo, historia jest tym, co z niego uczynimy.
5. Wolna wola przeciąża przeznaczenie. Wolna wola pokonuje przeznaczenie. Zapominanie o tym jest wygodne, dlatego wciąż to robimy. To jest zagrożenie, które wynika z nauki o przeznaczeniu.