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  • 1.  McCartney, Paul  (Ren Yin) popular chartWebsitepaulmccartney.comSignature Sir James Paul McCartney CH MBE is an English singer, songwriter, musician, and record and film producer who gained worldwide fame as co-lead vocalist.... Day Master: Ren Yin. Year: Ren Wu.
  • 2.  McGregor, Conor  (Geng Wu) popular chartConor Anthony McGregor is an Irish professional mixed martial artist and boxer. He is a former Ultimate Fighting Championship featherweight and lightweight champion. As of 25 January.... Day Master: Geng Wu. Year: Wu Chen.
  • 3.  McConaughey, Matthew  (Gui Wei) popular chartMatthew David McConaughey is an American actor. He first gained notice for his breakout role in the coming of age comedy Dazed and Confused , and went on to appear in films such as the.... Day Master: Gui Wei. Year: Ji You.
  • 4.  McQueen, Steve  (Gui You) popular chartTerence Steven "Steve" McQueen was an American actor. Called "The King of Cool", his "anti-hero" persona, developed at the height of the Vietnam War-era counterculture, made him a top.... Day Master: Gui You. Year: Geng Wu.
  • 5.  McCarthy, Kevin (1965)  (Geng Chen) Kevin Owen McCarthy is an American politician serving as House Minority Leader in the United States House of Representatives since 2019. A member of the Republican Party, he previously.... Day Master: Geng Chen. Year: Jia Chen.
  • 6.  McQueen, Alexander  (Xin Mao) Lee Alexander McQueen, CBE was an English fashion designer and couturier. He founded his own Alexander McQueen label in 1992, and was chief designer at Givenchy from 1996 to 2001. His.... Day Master: Xin Mao. Year: Ji You.
  • 7.  McKellen, Ian  (Ren Xu) Sir Ian Murray McKellen, CH CBE is an English actor. He is the recipient of six Laurence Olivier Awards, a Tony Award, a Golden Globe Award, a Screen Actors Guild Award, a BIF Award,.... Day Master: Ren Xu. Year: Ji Mao.
  • 8.  McAfee, John  (Geng Yin)
  • 9.  McAvoy, James  (Wu Wu) James McAvoy is a Scottish actor. He made his acting debut as a teen in 1995"s The Near Room and continued to make mostly television appearances until the late 2000s. His notable.... Day Master: Wu Wu. Year: Ji Wei.
  • 10.  McCraney, Tarell Alvin  (Gui Hai) Tarell Alvin McCraney is an American playwright and actor, and as of July 2017 has been the chair of playwriting at the Yale School of Drama. He is also a member of Teo Castellanos/D.... Day Master: Gui Hai. Year: Geng Shen.