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BaZi Calculator by Voytek. Precise calculations of BaZi charts.

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Instructions for BaZi Calculator



1. Options layout


BaZi Calculator provides much information. However, most users need only some part of the information displayed by the calculator, depending on BaZi School they represent.


The user can switch off chosen content options to hide the information he does not wish to be displayed. To adjust the content to be displayed, please go to "Options" section in the top right corner of the calculator main page. Adjusting content option to switch off some information is highly recommended.


The options are:


The user can switch off the display of the second date ("Date to compare"), by unchecking the checkbox to the left from the "Date to compare" field.


The "URL address for those dates" box enables you to save the calculations (more information below).



2. Setting the date


The date to the left is the Birth Chart (base chart). The date to the right is the date you wish to compare with the birth chart. To set the dates, enter hour, day, month and year in the proper fields. You can also set your own names for both dates.


Other fields you should set are:

  1. The gender (Male / Female radiobutton)

  2. DST (Day Saving Time) - if the checkbox is checked, the DST (summer time) correction is on

  3. GMT (timezone) - "+" for the east and "-" for the west half of the globe

  4. Longitude - the geographical longitude, "+" values for the east and "-" values for the west half of the globe.


If you are not sure of the longitude, you can enter the city and country of the place in the "Get longitude" field and click the "Search" button. The calculator will try to get the geographical longitude of the place and fill it for you (available in Premium version).


The calculator counts the Real Solar Time (RST) for you and displays it under the dates fields. More information about Real Solar Time can be found in this manual.



3. Getting the calculations


To get the calculations, click the "Calculate" button.


If you want to set transformation, you have to click the "Apply transformations" button after setting the transformations. The calculator will include the transformed elements on charts below. (Note that when you set transformation, but click "Calculate" again, instead of "Apply transformation", the transformation will reset.)


The calculator shows all the information according to the options set.


Interactions section includes combinations, conflicts, punishments, empty branches (heaven void) and 50 different symbolic stars. Stars marked with (*) are only used by some Schools (Masters). More symbolic stars are shown in Premium account output.


The app also counts the Day Master strength, including transformations, hidden heavenly stems and the qi phase of the stems in relation to the month branch.


The charts that follow show the percentage values of each of the ten gods. Here the transformations, hidden heavenly stems and the qi phases of the stems are taken into consideration. The charts however do not include the Day Master element.


The pie charts comprise: Chart 1 shows the elements of the birth date; Chart 2 shows the elements of the date being compared, with Xing Nian and 10-year Luck Period; Chart 3 is a combination of Chart 1 and Chart 2.



4. Saving the calculations


You can save the calculations in three ways.




5. How to print


Some elements that are useless in print version (like buttons, headings etc) are hidden on the print.

However, the user should always set some print properties before print. The page is quite wide and cannot be made narrower. Therefore it is advisable to open "Print preview" in your browser before printing and adjust some options like: print scale (you can set it to 50%-80%); print orientation (you can try to print the page horizontally). If you would like to print the chart in color, please switch on background printing in your browser. Once you set the print options, you will be able to print the chart using "Print" button. In most browsers, you can sent the page to the printer or save it as PDF file.


In Premium version the user can download a printable PDF file with preconfigured chart layout.



If you would like to help me to translate the calculator (or some part of it) to your native language, please let me know.