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BAZI calculator - Options

This option is only recommended to MangPai school users.

MangPai Option features:
  • Solid and unstable pillars are marked in the interactions list
  • Luck Pillar start is calculated in MangPai way (10 month prior to classic bazi)
  • Active Sub-LPs are marked with bold (sub-LPs are activated according to MangPai rules)
  • Conjoined pillars are detected and marked in the interactions list
  • Swapped images are marked (recognized by Lu, Original Self, hidden stems and tombs)
  • Yang Ren is marked (slightly different than in classic bazi)
  • Tomb names are added for convenience of reading
  • Self-combining pillars are also displayed in MangPai interactions list
  • Carry image is included (user should verify link with host manually)
  • More features will be added in the future
MangPai Option is designed for MangPai school users as taught by JLim.