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Symbolic stars - Shen Sha

Three extraordinary nobleman (man)

Chinese names: RenZhong SanQiGuiRen / 人中三奇贵人

English names: Three Wonders, San Qi from Man, The Three Marvel, Three Extraordinary Noblemen

- very intelligent, gifted, knowledgeable person
- great achievements
- generosity
- adversities can not do any harm

This star is based on three stems combination.
Some masters believe that the stems must be in correct order for this star to be active, some believe that the correct order is helpful but not necessary.

Please take a note that different masters also have different opinions about which nobleman is from Heaven, which is from Earth and which is from Man. But generally meaning of those three noblemen is quite similar with small differences.

Sources of information: teachings of RapaNui, Ken Lai and Annie Pecheva.