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Symbolic stars - Shen Sha

Heavenly noble

Chinese names: TianYiGuiRen / 天乙贵人

English names: Nobleman, Heavenly Mentor, Heavenly Noble, Heavenly Messenger, Nobleman Star

- getting help in overcoming any difficulties
- if a person with this star encounters trouble, overcomes them, draws conclusions and moves further
- meets helpful people on his/her way and likes to help himself/herself
- wisdom and intelligence
- the star turns evil into good, transforms the unfavorable aspects of the pillar
- brings high social status and professional promotion
- star of glory, fame and popularity
- this star considered the most favorable of all stars
- this star can be compared to a heavenly messenger who brings great help and advice
- hostile interactions (conflict, punishment, harm) and controlling cycle weaken the effects of the star

This star is derived from Day Stem (Day Master).

Sources of information: teachings of RapaNui, Ken Lai and Annie Pecheva.