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Symbolic stars - Shen Sha

Peach blossom by the pool

Chinese names: XianChiTaoHua / 咸池桃花

English names: Peach Blossom, Peach Blossom by the Pool, Flower of Romance

- this star usually belongs to an attractive person, who is appealing to the opposite sex
- romantic person, with a sense of beauty, looking for pleasure, with love for beauty
- having greater interest in relationships, including sexual relations
- the name of the star literally means "peach blossom", which flourishes in spring and attracts insects with its smell, color and attractive appearance
- if the star branch is unfavorable, there may be difficulties in relationships, that may be caused by extramarital affairs, but of course, depending on the interpretation of the entire chart
- if the star's branch is favorable, star brings successful relationships, finding the right partner
- the star appearing in luck pillars can bring changes in relationships, finding a new partner (which is beneficial for the lonely, but not necessarily for those that are not lonely)
- internal romance ("peach blossom in the garden"): when the star appears in year or month pillar, it means more interest in the official partner than in extramarital affairs, brings respect between spouses and a loving partner
- external romance ("peach blossom behind the garden"): when the star appears in day or hour pillar, it can mean romance, extramarital affairs, succumbing to temptation (peach reaches branches outside the garden and flirts with passers-by)
- the star brings attractiveness and can mean success in marketing, PR, sales (a person can attract not only romance but also customers)
- the star is sensitive to combinations, conflicts, punishments; the interpretation depends on the interactions that the star is involved in

This star is derived from Day Branch.
Some masters also derive it from Year Branch (marked with * in the calculator).
Similar star is also derived from Day Stem (Day Master).

Sources of information: teachings of RapaNui, Ken Lai and Annie Pecheva.