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Symbolic stars - Shen Sha

Robbing star

Chinese names: JieSha / 劫煞

English names: Robbery Sha, Accident, Robbing Devil, Robbery Tragic, Robbery, Robbing Star

- loss of ownership or energy
- the star's name literally means 'taking power'
- robbery star is like a thief who can steal what is valuable: life energy, property, work, spouse, etc.

If favorable:
- various types of profits, also financial (he skillfully "takes away" from others)
- planning and strategic thinking skills; this person acts like a chameleon
- multitasking, fast and effective operation

If unfavorable:
- being robbed, not necessarily literally: loss of money, partner, job, etc.
- person with this star can be jealous, stubborn, impulsive, slandering others
- star of intrigues, such a person plots, but often without success

This star is derived from Day Branch.

Sources of information: teachings of RapaNui, Ken Lai and Annie Pecheva.