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Symbolic stars - Shen Sha

Travelling horse

Chinese names: YiMa / 驿马

English names: Sky Horse, Travel, Post Horse, Horse Star, Travelling Horse, Horseman

- frequent travel, migration
- possibly working abroad or far from home
- frequent changes of work, profession, place of residence
- star of movement, change, also adventures
- this star is often found among people who travel a lot for business: diplomats, military, businessmen, travelers
- this star weakens favorable stars accompanying it and aggravates unfavorable stars;
- the star acts fiercely (it is movement-related)
- the literal name means a horse rider: a traveling horse or postal horse was formerly a symbol of constant movement and travel, horse riders delivered mail to far corners of the world
- the star in luck pillars can mean travel or a change of job at a given time
- the star can bring money from travel-related work, or continuous changes and instability, depending on whether the star's branch is beneficial or not

This star is derived from Day Branch by all masters.
Some masters also derive it from Year Branch (marked with * in calculator).

Sources of information: teachings of RapaNui, Ken Lai and Annie Pecheva.