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BaZi course

BaZi Calculator does not provide BaZi courses.

However we are eager to recommend you a BaZi course of our friend.
Please see the ahe annoucement below if you are interested:

Dear Fellow BFC students,

I'm now offering a group Mangpai Foundation Course, which is also known as the Blindman School. This is also Bazi but with a different approach, and I will be teaching it. The course comes with a manual document, plus group discussion.

Some of you may know that Mangpai has gotten popularity in (the new Five Arts). If you're curious what Mangpai is all about, you can take a look at this link Blindman School (Mang Pai) , as well as many other boards in the forum, such as "Request for Birth Chart Reading".

Although I'm a moderator of Five Arts for 8 years (aka Jlim), the course will be conducted outside of Five Arts, and discussion will be run through another Google Groups.

For more details, please contact my e-mail address mouse over here to show email (spam protection) (Darma).

Darma (Jlim)