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BaZi Calculator by Voytek. Precise calculations of BaZi charts.

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Help develop BaZi Calculator

BaZi Calculator now has more 100 000 users: BaZi amateurs, passionates, professionals. As an author, I am also one of them.

BaZi Calculator from the very beginning was developed to satisfy its users' needs.

If you would like to help develop BaZi Calculator, you are welcome to do it in one of these ways:

- I would like to know how you use the calculator, which features you use and what more you could probably need. You are welcome to send me information about which options or which parts of the calculator you use most and which you do not use at all

- You are welcome to send me your sample BaZi reading / analysis - this will be most useful because will help me understand what you include in your analysis and what information you need to get from the calculator

- If you have some free time, you can offer me some help in small jobs that sometimes can be done by one of users.

- If you like BaZi Calculator and would like to help me put more time in it, you can also donate my job.

BaZi Readings Base

I think that the great number of BaZi Calculator users is a great opportunity for all of us to share knowledge.
We come from different traditions, different BaZi schools and each of us uses BaZi in a different way.
My idea is that if you would like to share your sample BaZi reading with others, then others can also share theirs with you.

If you would like to send me one or several of your readings, you are welcome to do it. Please also include the following information:
- do you agree to share your reading with other BaZi Calculator users (only users that sent their analysis will get read access to encourage everyone to contrubite)
- would you like your reading to be 1) shared with those who contrubited (this as assumed), or 2) not published at all but only sent for purpose of developing the calculator (if you are not sure if the information included in the reading can be shared, it will be kept secret, but you will get access to other readings)
- would you like the reading to be published under your real name, nickname, or as an anonymous author; if you like, I can also publish your website or email address so that you can advertise your sevices
- if you can describe what is your BaZi tradition, which school you use or who was your master or teacher, please do it (it's not necessary, but useful to others)
- do you have your client's consent to share reading on his subject with other BaZi professionals, of course without any personal data published (reading should contain NO personal data, only first name and life events; you should remove the personal data from your reading or I can do it for you)
- reading you send will NOT be published in "Famous charts" section that is visible to the public, I think that would not be appropriate to spread such an information freely over the internet
- you can also share a sample reading about a celebrity, in such a case client consent is not necessary.

I think that creating such a database is a great way for BaZi passionates from different countries and school to share knowledge and learn from each other. This is also a way for me to develop BaZi Calculator so that it is more suited for all users' needs (you can help me understand how you write your reading).

If you would like to contrubite, please contact me at:

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