2024 Feng Shui Guide & Planner
by Kan Yu Feng Shui Academy

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Kan Yu Feng Shui Academy

The 2024 Feng Shui Guide & Planner is much more than your virtual agenda!

The 2024 Feng Shui Guide & Planner is your ally and personal helper, in PDF format, suitable for experts and beginners: you can organize and plan your days and important events of the year, taking into account the annual, monthly and daily energy qualities!

2024 Feng Shui Guide Planner

The 2024 Feng Shui Guide & Planner is easy to use:

Do the right thing at the right time for best effect!

Designed for western experts and students

Visual layout, easy to use even if you are a beginner

Suitable for professional use, to keep track of your personal projects, activities and clients

Packed with information and easy-to-apply diagrams

You can use it as a personal agenda to keep track of your important activities

The weekly lunisolar calendar is now more accurate and richer in information!

We didn't cut any trees to make this guide! 100% Carbon free

Continuously revised and updated to meet the needs of those who use it every day!

Why it is different from any other calendar

There are many calendars and agendas like this.

However, this Guide has some specific aspects and traits that you will not find in any other calendar:

  • It has an in-depth section entirely devoted to 2024 Feng Shui.
  • Most distinctive: a visual and immediate use of the lunisolar calendar, which makes Date Selection much easier.
  • This is not just a Feng Shui and Ba Zi almanac, it is a smart tool specifically designed to select the best dates for your most important activities and deeds. It will make your work faster and easier!
  • We checked each of the 365 days of the year: in the case of conflicting astrological configurations, only the configuration with the strongest effect was displayed, thus eliminating false contradictions.
  • You don’t need to be a pro to use this Guide: just read thoroughly the ‘Instructions’ and, after a bit of practice, you will be able to select good dates and avoid bad dates!
  • If you are a pro, you will find a lot of information, shortcuts, and tricks for faster Date Selection!

This year the Guide has undergone major improvements and additions, thanks also to the suggestions and requests of all users.

Section II (Reference Tables) has been considerably expanded. Many tables have been added so that all the necessary information can be found within the Guide, avoiding the need to refer to other texts and manuals.

The guide is expanded from 124 to 164 pages!

The 2024 Feng Shui Guide & Planner

allows you to plan ahead the important activities of the year:

Knowing that there are times and days of the year that are best suited for your purposes, will naturally lead you to plan ahead for your most important activities. And this will definitely bring you more power and control over your life.

Moreover, by choosing the best dates for your important activities, you will have an overall improvement in achieving your goals, and this will give you more strength, confidence, and self-esteem!

  • learn how to prepare your home for 2024
  • plan your activities and important decisions
  • set the right deadlines
  • find the best time to start an important business
  • check the weekly and monthly calendar at a glance
  • keep track of your activities and their progress
  • check the effect of the different qualities of daily energy
2024 Feng Shui Guide Planner

Inside the 2024 Feng Shui Guide & Planner you will find:

✅ a general overlook at the energies of the year, month by month;
✅ favourable and unfavourable directions of the year, how to use them;
✅ yearly and monthly Flying Stars detailed maps;
✅ in-depth Feng Shui tips for 2023, for each one of the nine Ba Gua Palaces;
✅ bed positioning in 2024: do’s and don’ts
✅ desk positioning in 2024: favourable and unfavourable directions;
✅ most suitable times to start construction work;
✅ many detailed tables and step-by-step instructions;
✅ how to avoid bad dates for important activities;
✅ the energy type of the 12 months of the year;
✅ the energy features for each day of the year, with an indication of the favourite and non-favoured activities: Tai Sui, Sui Po, yearly and monthly San Sha, Month Breaker, 12 Day Officials, monthly and daily gua and hexagram, main Symbolic Stars, karmic days, and other important aspects;
✅ yearly, monthly, daily Gua number;
✅ days to avoid based on your birth chart (customized);
✅ personal Symbolic Stars (customized);
✅ dominant energy structure for each of the 12 months;
✅ how to find the best date for an important activity, action or decision;
✅ the complete lunisolar calendar, in weekly format;
✅ dedicated space for your daily notes!

The 2024 Feng Shui Guide & Planner is an essential aid in planning your activities, easily usable even if you are not a Feng Shui expert!

The Guide is divided into four sections:

1⃣ The Guide’s Instructions section provides comprehensive information, including tips and wizards, on how to use it.
2⃣ the first part is dedicated to Feng Shui and to the in-depth analysis of the annual energy structure: it is full of suggestions to improve your living space, to take advantage of the annual favorable energies, and to avoid the unfavorable ones!
3⃣ the second part contains detailed tables (for experts), the legend, and instructions to calculate the best dates.

4⃣ the third part contains the complete lunisolar calendar, preceded by a ‘top view’ on the 12 months of the year. The lunisolar calendar has become weekly, so that the Guide can be used as a real virtual agenda.


✅ completely revised and improved graphic layout
✅ The contents have been reorganised: all the instructions for using the guide are now grouped together in the first section (Instructions)
✅ information regarding the upcoming Period 9 (2024-2043) and how to deal with it
✅ BONUS Video: 2024 Feng Shui Tips
✅ new information and tables added, including: all astrological aspects, all karmic aspects, 4 tables on the 64 hexagrams including the Da Gua number, table for calculating the hour pillar, formula for calculating the annual and monthly Gua number, the five Elements, generation cycle and control cycle, the 6 Functions (Liu Shen), the 10 Fairies, new astrological aspects included in the weekly calendar
✅ revised and expanded descriptions and texts
new symbolic stars added and more accurate astrological aspects
✅ yearly, monthly, daily Gua number
✅ day by day, karmic aspects to be avoided
days to avoid based on your birth chart (personalized)
✅ seven different personal Stars and how to use them
✅ more space for your personal notes
BONUS four new video tutorials to learn the art of Date Selection step by step
✅ the Guide is expanded from 124 to 164 pages!
✅ on sale for 25 21 euros!

Questions about the guide? Contact us at info@kanyufengshuiacademy.com
2024 Feng Shui Guide Planner


  • Features

    • 164 pages
    • PDF portable format, readable on any device, you can’t forget it somewhere!
    • Detailed tables and instructions
    • A4 size, set up for printing if you need it
    • 4 sections: Instructions, Feng Shui, Reference Tables, Lunisolar Calendar
    • Contains 54 pages with detailed characteristics of the 365 days of the year